Global Start-Up Scene

Emerging Hot Spots and Partners

Silicon Valley Is No Longer the Start-Up Hub of the World.

Countries From All Over The World Have Been Proving That They Can Produce Some of the Most Successful Start-Ups Out There Based On:

  • Resources/Investment/Funding Opportunities
  • Talent Pools/Entrepreneurial Skills/Recruitment
  • Access To International Markets/Distribution Deals


What We Do For Start-Ups

We Work With Multiple Country Partners and Agencies to 

Produce, Promote and Broadcast Their BEST Start-Ups.

Our Areas of Focus


With Government Agencies, Start-Up Hubs and Entrepreneurs


Exciting, Clever and Engaging Video Pitches for Start-Ups.


The BEST and MOST CREATIVE Video Pitches To  A Global Audience 

Whom We Work With

VidPitch Works Closely With:

Local and National Government Funding Agencies for Start-Ups.


  • Including Economic Trade Councils/Investment Agencies/Promotional Centres/Business Platforms

  • Start-Up Hubs, Innovation Labs and Centres, Accelerator Programs, Business Innovation Centres, Academic Institutions, Research &  Development Labs and Ecosystems


  • Local Film Making Academies, Institutions and Schools

  • Entrepreneurs and Business People from Private Agencies and Hubs

  • Investors, Business Angel Groups, VC Groups, Investment Firms

  • External Media Channels (Local, Regional and International Partners)

The Role of VidPitch

Government Partnerships

VidPitch Works With Government Funding Agencies In a Partnership Agreement to:

  • Support and Promote Their Region's Start-Ups From Local Start-Up Hubs, Innovation Centres and Labs.
  • Help Their Start-Ups Gain Global Exposure on Different Platforms
  • Gain a Presence with International Consumers, Clients or Investors

Video Pitch Creation

VidPitch Coordinates With Each Country's Start-Up Hubs and Centres By:

  • Selecting Each Region's Video Pitches To Create
  • Focusing on the Correct Format for Each Category to Highlight The Strongest Areas to Promote
  • Collaborating with Local Film Making Academies To Produce Each 60 Second Video Pitch To a Custom Standard 

Broadcast Platforms

VidPitch Works With The Start-Ups and Founders On:

  • The Best Method of Broadcast and Exposure On the Platform
  • Increasing Their Visibility To Larger Audiences In Different Regions
  • Gaining the Maximum Benefits Out of the Channel For Attracting Viewers

Upcoming Regions




Broadcasting Your Region's Start-Ups

Process - How It Works

Step 1: Contract: Signed MOU/Partnership Agreement between VidPitch and Local Partner Agency

Step 2: Fee: Administration Fee is Processed Per Country/City/Region (Fee dependent on number of video pitches/regional support, valid until 31 December 2018 - Review by both parties on changes/amendments/annual contract)

Step 3: Meeting: VidPitch arranges to meet in person with your region's Start-Up Hub Coordinator/Manager to discuss the best start-ups and video pitches for each category. (Sandy Sheerin or a VidPitch Representative carries out all meetings)

Step 4: Production: Full Production Begins of Video Pitches of Selected Start-Ups in Various Categories

Step 5: Broadcast: All Parties Receive Broadcast Dates and External Media Channel Information

Start-Up Categories

Consumer Tech/IoT/ICT



Food/Agri Tech

Lifestyle/Product Exports

Medical / Global Health

Partnership Information

For Further Information About VidPitch's Partnerships with Government 

Start-Up Agencies, Ecosystems and Organisations 

Please Email Sandy Sheerin Directly: