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Digital Video Pitches from Start-Ups and SME's 

To Global Investors and Trade Partners

What is VidPitch?

Digital Pitch

VidPitch produces high-quality digital video pitches for innovative businesses wishing to access international markets.

(Investment and Trade Partnerships) 


VidPitch broadcasts all video pitches to its large network of investors and trade partners across the globe.

(Focusing only on those investing and partnering with innovative businesses and projects)

Sample Video Pitches


Online Access

Start-Ups and SME's will now be able to digitally pitch directly to investors 

across the world,

without the initial overheads of 

travel costs.


All video pitches are produced in English, with optional second language subtitles, such as Chinese or Japanese.

(May be created with both subtitles and voice-overs, depending on business)

Social Media

All videos are broadcast through VidPitch's own private media channel, 

including specific social media channels across multiple platforms.

How It Works

Business Information

Business owners submit key information around their business needs (Investment or Trade Partnerships) to VidPitch.

Pitch Production

On successful contract and project management fee agreement, VidPitch production team begins all filming and editing on the business pitch.


VidPitch broadcasts the video pitch to all of its network partners via its private social media channels.

Further contact and communications is handled between VidPitch, Businesses and Potential Investors and Trade Partners

Sample VidPitch - AerinX

Category:  Aviation (Smart Inspection Software)

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Investment: Raising Series A Funding (Further information available on request via VidPitch)

Sample VidPitch - NowTech

Category: Medical Robotics Company

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Investment: Raising Series A Funding (Further information available on request via VidPitch)

Sample VidPitch - TGO

Winner: European Innovation Council Summit - Berlin, September 2018

Location: London, U.K.

Below you will find the main categories that VidPitch works within.

If you do not see your category, please contact us to see if we can still help.

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Medical/Health Sciences


We operate on basic flat rate fees for the following:

  • Creation and Production of Business Video Pitches in English and Second Language(s) of Targeted Market.
  • Broadcast onto Market Specific Media Platforms.
  • Access to international Investors and Trade Partners
  • Broadcast of Video Pitches at Industry-Specific Conferences, Summits, Events.

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